kristina reese
exploring the world through my lens
Hello friends! Thanks for stopping by my site…Here’s little about me, in case you’re wondering! 
I grew up on Long Island, in Levittown, New York. Being so close to Manhattan, I was exposed to amazing Art, Museums & the theatre at such a young age. As a teen, my family moved to Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
In NC, I was immersed into the awesome art community & became a Floral Designer. It was my passion & driving force to be creative through a floral medium. I designed, taught workshops, did designing for some movies and TV shows & won many awards throughout the State & Southern Regions. I started taking pictures of flowers and really enjoyed capturing their beauty.
I had always enjoyed photography throughout my life, because my brother is an amazing artist & photographer. It wasn’t until 2011, that I picked up a camera for the first time & finally bought my own a year later. As time progressed, I learned more & more about photography and made some amazing friends in the photography community. After 20+ years of being a floral designer, I decided to focus on photography and grow creatively through capturing pictures of things that interest me. Art is running through my veins & in one way or another, I am keeping that alive!