Kristina is the Co-Founder of the Pr0ject Uno community which was established in 2013 with her friend & colleague, Carol Gong. 
Pr0ject Uno is an online art based community that brings artists from around the world to one place. A place where art is appreciated & the artist is uplifted. 
The Pr0ject_uno community oversees 22 feature pages on Instagram, that are run by a team of 50 admins and mods. In total they have approximately 2,000,000 followers on those pages. They can be found across all forums; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr and YouTube.
Pr0ject Uno has collaborated with Maroon5, Andy Grammer, Mextures App, Inspades Magazine & have also worked with Talify Software to promote their brand. 
Kristina, Carol & their Team are always working to bring P1 to the next level & continue to work hard to promote amazing art!
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